fertile foods missionOur mission is to promote the enjoyment of food, exercise and  relaxation from pre-conception all the way to the family dinner table by sharing delicious recipes, relevant health news and high quality, natural products.

The most important aspect in our relationship with our bodies and food is pleasure.  Pleasure tells us whether or not we are moving in the right direction with the choices we are making.  So many of my clients have struggled with dietary and lifestyle restrictions that take the joy out of eating and cooking.  A healthy relationship with food involves enjoying what we are eating and finding healthful choices that improve our wellbeing.  There is nothing that we can’t eat, but there are certainly more healthful choices that will relieve us of unwanted symptoms and leave us feeling better than we thought possible.  The key to long-term wellness is to build a holistic program around how we take care of ourselves from relaxation to exercise and finally with the nutrients we put in our body. When we begin to nourish ourselves before getting pregnant, our health benefits are multiplied through pregnancy, breastfeeding, our baby’s first bites and our entire family dinner table.


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