Northwest Salad Video Instructions 04.01.2015

Below are the video instructions for making the delicious chlorophyll salad recipe from the Cooking for Fertility DVD.  For written instructions please click here. [embed]https://youtu.be/6n84u4S13Hw?list=PLnE8k0zegobabCiZx0X0kbO16C2IQrXCd[/embed]

Chlorophyll Rich Northwest Fertility Salad 04.01.2015

The first time Tiffany made me this chlorophyll rich salad I was blown away. The rich colors of the green kale and the red... [more...]

Endometriosis 03.25.2015

Each month an endometrial lining builds in our uterus to nurture a growing fetus and support pregnancy.  If we are not pregnant, the endometrial... [more...]

Spring Cleaning for Body and Mind 03.18.2015

image from bodecology.com Spring is the perfect time to lighten your load and start fresh.  Whether it's clearing your mind, your body or your closet,... [more...]

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